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  We are proud of our construction teams that have built award-winning projects for our clients

The award winning project starts with the client's dream of a new room, continuing on with the design and then implementation of construction

Creating an award winning room takes more than just building a kit room or a shed roof configuration. It takes the inclusion of  special features and a knowledgeable thought process to create added benefits that embellish the design. As you will notice in the photos here and in our photo galleries, we think through the Sunroom design process to create a space that will exceed your expectations to become the room you've always dreamed of. We thank all of the awards programs and judges who saw our work to be exceptional and those who continue to recognize us for our outstanding accomplishments in the industry today.

Colorado Sunroom and Window, awarded Regional Winner of the 2018 Chysalis Remodeling Excellence Awards for Outdoor Living Additions, under $75,000

For the 6th consecutive year our team has been recognized as one of the 500 Top Remodelers in the Nation by Qualified Remodeler in 2019.



in 2017 Colorado Sunroom and Window was voted one of the Top 500 Remodelers in the Nation for the fifth consecutive year in a row!

Also voted one of the Top 200 Home Improvement Pros of the Year in 2017!

We were also awarded the Bronze at the 2017 HBA C.A.R.E. Awards for Specialty Rooms



Colorado Sunroom and Window, received the 2016 HBA C.A.R.E Award for Remodeler of the Year!



Colorado Sunroom and Window, received the Regional Award at the 2015 Chrysalis Awards for Whole House Remodel, under $250,000


Also recognized at the 2015 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence



Colorado Sunroom and Window,  recognized in the November 2013 issue as one of the Top 230 Remodelers in America.



2013 May issue of Professional Remodeling magazine rated Colorado Sunroom and Window one of the top five remodeling leaders in the Denver Area.



2009 C.A.R.E Award, 1st Place Specialty Room



2007 C.A.R.E Award, Remodeler of the Year


C.A.R.E. Awards (Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence).
This awards program is put on by the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver, Remodeler's Council. The C.A.R.E Awards are recognized to be the most prestigious design event for remodeling in the State of Colorado.

The "Remodeler of the Year" is the pinnacle award for an individual to receive. Years of achievement, dedication to the industry and exceptional construction skill are the criteria. Our owner, Thomas Thompson, is very honored to have been chosen for this Award.


2007 Chrysalis Award, Western Region

2007 National Janus Award - must win Chrysalis and Master Design Awards

2007 Qualified Remodeler, Master Design Award

1st Place 2007 C.A.R.E Award, Specialty Room


Qualified Remodeler Magazine is one of the industries premier publications. These two large design contests pull entries from all over the United States. The Chrysalis Awards showcase the cream of the crop design/build projects recently constructed in four different regions of the United States. We placed first in the Western Region. The Master Design Award is an award competed for nationally. If you enter both contests and win in both - you are then awarded the Janus Award, we are very proud to have won this very difficult to obtain award.


2007 C.A.R.E Award, Project of the Year

Evergreen Project, Custom Pool Enclosure

The C.A.R.E Award for 2007 had over 85 entries into the contest. Of those entries there is a cross section of all sorts of projects from interior features, kitchens, additions to whole house projects. Only a few of the entries judged will receive an award. We were totally thrilled at the end of the contest when we were also awarded the "Project of the Year". The owner, the people we worked with, and this project will always be one of our most memorable projects.

We have been award two consecutive C.A.R.E. 1st place awards for Specialty Remodeling in the last two years. Also, we won 2nd position in the National Association of the Remodeling Industries (Nari) Contractor of the Year Awards in 2006.



Vance Residence, Colorado Classic Sunroom


2nd Place Nari, Contractor of the Year

1st Place 2006 C.A.R.E Award, Specialty Room



Honorable Mention 2006 C.A.R.E Award, Specialty Room

Gold Residence, 230 Sun and Stars Cathedral



2nd Place 2006 C.A.R.E Award, Green Remodel

Woods Residence, Green Remodeling, Complete energy makeover



Honorable Mention 2005 C.A.R.E Award, Accessible Universal Remodel

Lenoble Residence, Custom Elevator


Over the last 30 Years...

Colorado Sunroom and Window Distributors has established a tradition of providing premium sunrooms, windows, doors and patio solutions, along with other energy efficient home products.