Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to build a Sunroom?

We've done projects all across Denver from under $3,000.00 to over $400,000.00. The cost of your particular project will depend on which model you choose (there are over 30 different standard and custom models), what size you want, what accessories & options you choose and if you are purchasing a "Kit" or a "Turnkey Installation".  Please contact us to discuss your project.

Specific costs may include:
- Design
- Custom Plans / Drawings
- Engineering
- Permit Fees
- Materials
- Labor
- Construction
- Installation
- Electrical
- Heating & Cooling (Mechanical)
- Shipping
- Taxes

If I sell my home will I get my money back?

Our company has been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years now. And after over 3,000 projects we can tell you that "square footage" increases the valuation of your home the most. There are different neighborhoods with different values, but if you build a sunroom that is designed for 4 season use, it will usually appraise for about the same or sometimes more than the main house. It is actually possible to have equity in the sunroom when it is completed. The reasons you remodel are to create a comfortable, beautiful, spacious room and to increase the value of your home. We will help you achieve all that.

Will it match my house?

Yes, Colorado Sunroom and Window Distributors specializes in matching our Sunrooms to your home. We've done thousands of Sunrooms in this region and we're experts at dealing with the special details required in this area.

Will a glass roof be too hot or too cold?

No, the worst thing that we can think of is sitting in your new sunroom and it's boiling hot in the summer and like an igloo in the winter. So, after years of research within the glass industry, a very high performance glass was developed just for Four Seasons Sunrooms. The"Conservaglass Select" is 100 percent more energy efficient than glass just 5 years ago. We have created the most comfortable, energy efficient sunroom in the industry. Remember not all insulated glass is created equal and you will be very disappointed with your investment if the comfort level of your sunroom does not meet your expectation. The key to a successful sunroom is the ability to manage its environment properly. Glass is now a major management tool. See our "Conservaglass Select" page.

Will hail damage my glass roof?

There is an experience that few people can say they have been able to see. That is a hailstone hurling itself from the sky and, splat, it disintegrates on the glass right in front of your eyes, the glass doesn't even say ouch. We've seen it happen several times in our sunrooms and testimonials from our customers attest to the same. It never ceases to amaze us how strong tempered or safety glass is. The truth of the matter is we have never had a piece of glass break due to hail damage. Now, we have seen a lot of plastic panes that other companies use break. If somebody is trying to sell you plastic panes please show them the front door. We're sure there is the one storm with large stones that would dent a tank, but we have had some big hail around here and the phone stays silent.

How will I clean it?

Easily, we took a survey of our customers and found out that the two most hated tasks around the house are vacuuming and washing windows. Vacuuming is something we can't help you with, but the chemical wizards at Four Seasons have developed a coating that dramatically helps the glass cleaning process. This microscopic glass coating is chemically adhered to the outside of the glass panel permanently, which basically eliminates scrubbing the glass to get it clean. The coating is so smooth nothing can stick to it, or as our scientists in the chem lab say, the resistive coefficient is reduced to the point that when water hits the dirt particle it is removed from the surface. In other words, when it rains or when you squirt the glass with a hose the dirt just slides off. Don't be fooled with other guy's claims of waxes or Teflon’s that last for 3 weeks. This patented coating carries the same lifetime warranty as our insulated glass. How is that for low maintenance? See our "ConservaglassSelect" page.

Can you build it on my existing concrete slab or existing deck?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no - we usually have to see it. But the Architects say, "it all starts from the ground up..." for good reasons.
Sunrooms may be 90% glass. These rooms need to be built on a very stable base. The foundation not only stabilizes the room but also creates the thermal barrier from the outside elements and ground frost that wants to penetrate into the warm soils inside the foundation walls. Frozen soils swell just like an ice cube and uplift anything above. Foundation walls have to be dug to below the frost line in your area, typically 3 feet to 4 feet below grade. The rule of thumb is - do not skimp on the foundation. Patio rooms on the other hand are a different animal, they are usually used as "recreational rooms" and are constructed to take the up and down movement of a concrete slab or deck. Installing piers at the main points of a patio room can sometimes stabilize existing slabs or decks.
Your foundation is a very important issue; it is the "foundation" of your design. We are real picky about our foundations, all of ours are "engineered" to last and we do most of them ourselves "in house".

How long will it take?

Usually from sign up to completion 8 to 12 weeks (actual construction time 1-6 weeks).

I'm handy; can I do some of the work?

Certainly, we'd be happy to work with you. You can even purchase a kit from us.

What's the first step?

Please contact us to discuss your project