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Product Highlights

For more than 25 years, homeowners, builders and anyone who insists on the highest quality and most energy efficient windows for a new construction or remodel have put their trust in Cascade Windows. We promote a culture of honesty and integrity from our staff and dealers, and it shows.

From design all the way through installation, Cascade Windows representatives are available every step of the way to ensure a responsive, easy experience, and to help you stay on budget. Your satisfaction is our personal mission.


A few highlights include:

  • Every Cascade window is meticulously designed for maximum year-round comfort and with the beauty of your home in mind.

  • We have a great selection of attractive and distinct styles to choose from, each of which can be combined to maintain a consistent look with proven structural integrity

  • Cascade is committed to helping homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We provide a variety of options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Qualification Criteria for Residential Windows.

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Architects, homeowners and building professionals can all appreciate the Cascade Series. Cascade's innovative design blends a timeless look with structural integrity.


Depth by Design
A fixed sash gives the Cascade Series true visual balance. The sash sits back from the outside of the frame, offering the depth and sight lines of traditional wood windows.

Smooth and Secure
Security is built into the Cascade Series. Sliders and single-hung windows feature autolocking hardware. Casement windows feature multipoint locks and smooth operating handles. The Cascade door also features an upgraded heavy-duty screen and a secondary lock.


Cascade Series

The Cascade Series offers a distinctive appearance normally associated with wood windows.

Cascade offers a classic design with innovative features that provide style and functionality.


Homeowners and building professionals appreciate a combination of sleek looks, reliable performance and value of the WinPro Series.


WinPro Series

WinPro windows have no unsightly accessory grooves, offering clean lines and maximum viewing area.

WinPro offers a clean, contemporary window design with a variety of grid options and configurations.


Set Back Insulated Glass:
WinPro glass is set back from the exterior of the frame, presenting a balanced, framed appearance and increasing the stability of larger units.

Color Matched Hardware:
All operable WinPro windows feature color-matched hardware to maintain a unified appearance.

Cascade Glass Specs

The good news is not every window is the same. As you have learned, increasing the temperature of the glass above its dew point temperature will eliminate condensation. On a cold day, when you would normally be heating your house, it is important to decrease the transfer of that heat through the window.

This is known as the U-factor; the thermal transmittance of the window. The lower the window’s U-factor rating – typically between 0.20 and 1.20 – the less warmth escapes your house, resulting in a decreased possibility of condensation forming.

The U-factor of any window product is actually determined by several factors, which work together to keep the glass condensation-free.

Your Three-tiered Solution

The windows in your home are made up of three essential parts, each one with the potential to eliminate condensation inside your home. All three must be thermally efficient to prevent heat from being conducted out:

  • Center-of-Glazing Multiple-glazed windows or insulating glass units are recommended over single-glazed windows for keeping condensation at bay. Additionally, energy-efficient and low-e coatings will further reduce the potential for condensation.

  • Edge-Of-Glazing Condensation on the edge-of-glazing can likewise be reduced by choosing high performance dual-glazed or insulating glass units over single-glazed windows.

  • Frame Thermally improved framing materials such as vinyl and wood, instead of metal framing systems, reduce the chance for condensation formation.


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